Superintendent (Takaful Firms)

Yousif Al Murbati

Central Bank of Bahrain

Mr. Yousif Al Murbati began his professional career in 2015 at the Central Bank of Bahrain within the Insurance Supervision Directorate. He has held various positions within the Directorate, culminating in his current position as the Superintendent of Takaful Firms since 2020. His current responsibilities include overseeing and supervising various Takaful and Conventional Insurance and Reinsurance firms. Extending beyond his supervisory role, he is an active and engaging participant in initiatives that focus on insurance, digitalization, and the overall advancement of the Insurance landscape in the Kingdom. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Investment and Financial Risk Management from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass Business School) in London. Additionally, he has obtained a Master’s degree in finance and Accounting from Westminster Business School.