General Manager

Latifa Mohamed

Hope Talents

Since graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Finance and a Master's degree in International Business from Macquarie University in Australia, Latifa has gained vital experience in Australia in the fields of Private Equity, retail management, and compliance for three years prior. Upon her return to Bahrain, she pursued a career centered around HR, strategy, policy development, training, and education. For eight years, Latifa served as the Training and Vocational Education Manager at Golden Trust Training & Consultancy. 

Currently, Latifa holds the position of General Manager at Hope Talents. With a relentless focus on human capital development, she leverages their expertise to cultivate growth, empower individuals, and foster a thriving workforce while making a significant impact in upskilling individuals and nurturing their talents.

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Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the inaugural Fintech Forward 2023 (FF23) event will be held in Bahrain between October 10 and October 12, 2023. The event