Bahrain set to host inaugural event:Fintech Forward 2023

Manama, Bahrain 16 May 2023 – The Kingdom of Bahrain is set to host the inaugural ‘Fintech Forward 2023’ (FF23) on October 12, 2023, bringing together global fintech and entrepreneurial players, financial institutions, investors, industry experts, and thought leaders.

Under the patronage of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the three-day event will be held in a strategic partnership with the Bahrain Economic Development Board (Bahrain EDB), and powered by Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB). FF23 will feature a host of immersive digital experiences, innovative activations, and knowledge-sharing sessions.

In response to global trends, where AI and digital technologies are dramatically reshaping all sectors of the economy, the fintech space remains a vital and growing sub-sector under the financial services sector in Bahrain. Owing to the CBB’s established success in enhancing the competitiveness of the Kingdom’s financial services sector and transitioning to a digital economy by continually updating its regulatory frameworks and legislation, all while introducing innovative platforms in the likes of the Regulatory Sandbox. Alongside the Bahrain EDB’s success in attracting impactful and sustainable investments into the Kingdom, further compounded with BFB being instrumental as the country’s fintech hub, housing, and driving the growth and development of fintech startups, Bahrain is earning a fast-growing reputation as a leading regional hub of fintech.

FF23 aims to further solidify the Kingdom as a destination for all things fintech, encouraging idea generation and investment support through impactful conversations and sessions tackling themes across three key pillars: innovation, regulation, and investment. Alongside an event in collaboration with the Economist, innovative hackathons, entertainment events, and experiences will be held across several different locations around Bahrain.

In tandem with its digital agenda, Bahrain has achieved phenomenal progress in developing its human pool of talent, backed by a progressive government and sophisticated ICT infrastructure. FF23 aligns with the Kingdom’s vision of investing in digital transformation, expanding its fintech space, and top talent; to further fuel Bahrain’s fintech ecosystem forward.